Eridan Group

We deliver a founder-centric community, where sustainable impact-driven businesses are built.

Lighthouse Group

A group of companies with diversified interest in FMCG and real estate. Among them are: WPC Holdings, a storage outlet for frozen foods; and RDJ Estates, a real estate development company focused on creating smart cities.

Deep Makerspace

DeepSpace is created to bridge the gap in infrastructure challenges facing the African Maker Ecosystem

Graceland farms

An integrated agricultural organization that is contributing to the growth and sustainability of Nigerian food supply chain.


A support community for people going through a difficult period of grief.

Jesus Ministries

Jesus Ministries exists to support the evangelistic ministry and divine calling of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj to take the message of the Lord Jesus Christ’s saving and healing power to all we can by using every modern means of communication available to us.

Nathaniel Albert Foundation

The Nathaniel Albert Foundation is a nonprofit social enterprise aimed at empowering women and children by increasing their access to educational and health resources, supporting their entrepreneurial endeavours and empowering them to become agents of change.

Threefold Impact

Threefold Impact is an initiative geared towards effecting positive societal change by creating conducive learning environments for children in underserved communities across the nation, Nigeria.